Thursday, 30 March, 2017

Effective Tool!

We have a tool which we can get access to it quite easily, but we don’t make use of it completely. It’s the irony of life, when things come through certain channels only we accept it. This tool is so much powerful that, even if thousands of scientists work for next hundred years to beat that, will never be able to succeed in that. So far we have explored only 3 to 4 percent of it. You can imagine how much is yet to be explored upon! By this time you might have got, what is this tool, i am talking about. Yes, your guess is right; whatever tool i am mentioning is at work for you!! you are able to guess it right, its your mind!!
Whatever we are today whether successful or not, good or bad, intelligent, witty or in any state. Our very own mind is primarily responsible for it.
Two classmates got a job at a Company. Both were put into same project. Both were given with similar modules for development. At work place, they don’t have any interruptions what so ever from anybody. One was able to complete it on time, whereas other was unable to complete it on time. What was the reason? When both had same kind of job, yet only one able to complete on time, it’s only because of their minds. What they had filled their mind with, made the difference.
Some call it attitude, some as mind set. Whatever it may be, finally what matters is whether are we able to complete whatever we had committed or not. We all work in same office hours at same office, yet productivity of each individual is different.
With what mind set we do work makes the difference. When I go with developer mind-set, when work is given i have to create or develop module as per the given requirements, though I will be able to develop as per the requirements, but I will not be able to enjoy the work, I will not be able to add value by bringing in what way it could have been made better. May be it is required to go with the mind set of what is that value addition, i can do to these requirements development, will make difference in thinking and execution.
If we go with attitude of fixing only 5 defects, we will fix only 5, if we have plan for 10, we might do much better. Same way as a tester, if I go with mind to set complete test cases execution, i will only be able to  complete test cases execution. I may not be able to add value by finding interesting defects.  If we go with the attitude of breaking the application, somehow we will definitely find a way to figure out a critical defect.
If we are not able to find a solution to a problem, think about finding the solution, have belief that somehow you will find solution to the problem. I will bet, somehow suddenly you will come with solution while brushing teeth or while taking bath or while having coffee-  that’s how our mind is. It is very intuitive and powerful. It’s all in our hands, how do we use it.
If we take an example from cricket, both Rahul Drawid and Sachin Tendulkar are legends in their own way. Both were equally strong and healthy. But there was huge difference in the way how Drawid approached his game of cricket from how Tendulkar approached. It’s not like  Drawid was not capable of hitting sixes, he was capable but he played the game based on how he has programmed his mind to work. 
Anil Kumble was much stronger individual physically and mentally compared to Javagal Srinath, but he was not a fast bowler! Its all in the mINd, what it opts for!
Had read on many newspapers that Vinod Kambli was more talented than Tendulkar. But Tendulkar was more successful than Kambli. It’s all because how Tendulkar programmed his mind with discipline and hard work to get the fruitful results. Same way we all think, program our minds to work. Every single day is result of the same.
In a group of people of same age, some people always think beyond what others think, unconsciously they make their mind to work in the way which is better than others.
We do have so many learning programs on soft skills, we might understand what is told, but what matters is how much do we apply! Technology built by man can be learnt easily but not this technology given by almighty. More we explore and apply in daily life, we will be more successful.
How do we start our day or our work with what mind-set makes BIG difference. If you want to make BIG difference at work, make this SMALL difference in your mind SET to be more successful.
Whether we think like CEO or not, it’s all in our mind! Be CEO of yourself!
When you believe in something, you are half way there!
If yuo can raed thsi corrctly then your mind is capable of exploring more of your capabilities!
Signing off,

“Two people can see the same thing, disagree, and yet both be right. It's not logical; it's psychological.”

Always law of attraction is at work! Whatever we are thinking is in the queue to make it happen!